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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course it’s tempting to save the commission and sell the house yourself right? What can a REALTOR® do for you? As a seller it’s likely that when you’re ready to sell you don’t want to spend time in limbo wondering how much longer you will have to keep up with the mortgage and utilities. You don’t want to spend time going back and forth with buyers that aren’t serious or aren’t qualified. The duty of a REALTOR® is to bring you ready and willing buyers. You can expect a faster process and rest easy knowing you have someone dedicated to making sure you get the best deal possible! The commission is worth the time and money saved, the higher negotiated sales prices, and the peace of mind that everything is done properly and efficiently.

If you’re not in tune with real estate markets, it’s safe to say  we are currently in a seller’s market. That means there are more buyers than sellers. What that means is a good chance you could have a bidding war on your property, sell your home for over asking, receive multiple offers, and get to settlement faster than ever with the most money to put in your pocket! The short answer is NOW! Contact your REALTOR® to find out the first steps.

Home values change and vary based on a variety of factors. These factors include but are not limited to property condition, supply and demand, aesthetic and appeal, neighborhood comparables, market conditions, environmental factors and home upgrades or features. REALTORS® are trained professionals that can use this information to generate a report specific to your property so that you have an educated starting point in listing your home for sale. There’s a good chance your home is worth more than you think in today’s current market. Contact your REALTOR® to find out how you can get your home valuation.

The listing price is the initial amount that you choose to sell your property for. Determining a reasonable listing price is very important because making changes to the listing price raises a lot of questions in the eyes of the buyer. So although it may be tempting to sell your property for a little bit more because you know you paid good money for the windows or countertops, it doesn’t exactly work that way. Ideally you would like to get every penny out of the home that you put into it, but knowing how to price your home properly will work to your benefit in the long run. You don’t want your property to sit on the market because you priced it too high. You also don’t want to scare buyers away because you are decreasing the listing price; they begin to wonder what’s wrong with the house. If you price your home properly you might find that you’ll receive offers over asking! Which brings us to the next point of sale price. Sales price is the amount your home actually sells for. This price could be higher, lower, or exactly the same as your listing price. Your REALTOR® can help you price your home properly so you can get the most out of the sale without having to wait too long!

Seller concessions are contributions to the buyer’s closing costs. Why would you want to give a seller concession? Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you have a qualified buyer but they need a little assistance with the money out of pocket. That doesn’t mean that the money necessarily has to come from your pocket either. Ask your REALTOR® how you can structure a seller concession so that everyone wins and you keep your money in your pocket while moving closer to the closing table!