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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever tried finding a place but hit a brick wall? Well, that’s where your REALTOR® comes in handy! REALTORS® have access to information that the general public does not. So while you may not NEED a REALTOR®, it definitely helps in a market like today’s!

It is not easy in today’s market to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for. It may be best to adjust your home features list to accommodate the demanding market. Consult your REALTOR® to see if they can find you exclusive homes before they hit the market!

It is recommended that you have a score of at least 620 to avoid any issues. Contact me to be connected with a credit repair expert to get you on track so that you can expand the options that are available to you and have a competitive edge the next time you apply!

Renting is a good option for those that don’t want to be tied down to any particular place or those that don’t yet qualify for homeownership. But what if you’re ready to settle down? What if you’ve been renting all this time not realizing you actually qualify to own a home? There are down payment assistance programs available, grants, and a ton of other resources and incentives to help you lock in a place of your own! Contact your REALTOR® to find out what programs you qualify for and get connected with a loan officer to get you pre-approved!