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Frequently Asked Questions

Having an agent represent you in the home buying process is in your best interest and the best part of it all is that it usually doesn’t cost you a thing! You will have someone to do all the hard work for you and negotiate on your behalf. Having a trained professional working on your behalf is never a bad idea!

The amount of you money you put down depends on a few different factors such as your credit score, what you qualify for, the purchase price, the loan type, and also down payment assistance programs may be available. You can purchase a home for as little as 3% down! Contact me for more information on assistance programs, lenders, advice and MORE!

The market can be tough at times so having a dedicated REALTOR® on your side will definitely help you to save time in the process. Going to see various homes that fit in your criteria and structuring strong offers also helps to eliminate time and stress in the process. After you find the perfect place you can expect the average closing process to take anywhere from 30-60 days. 

Closing costs are fees that are associated with the closing process that include but are not limited to: home insurance, property taxes, appraisal fees, inspection fees, application fees, loan origination fees, mortgage interest, mortgage insurance, HOA fees and more! You can expect these fees to total about 3-5% of the homes purchase price. If you’re not sure that you have enough money for the down payment on top of all of these fees ask your REALTOR® how you can structure an offer that allows you to pay less out of pocket!

Now more than ever it feels almost impossible to find a place you love that is NOT under contract already. So what’s the secret? Knowing when a home that works for you comes onto the market before it’s too late and having a knowledgeable REALTOR® to negotiate on your behalf so you don’t find yourself losing in a bidding war. Ask your REALTOR® how you can get notified when homes that fit your criteria become available and how you can write a winning offer!